Hypnosis can IMPROVE your Life

Hypnosis eliminates stress and tension, which allows you to utilize more of your brain’s resources. This boosts your willpower, energy, and ability to make good decisions when it really counts!

Stress and Tension also leads to self-sabotage and diminishes your mind’s ability to serve you best.  At NWI Hypnosis Center we help guide you and provide you with the tools necessary to reduce the “STRESS OF LIFE” and get the tension you experience down to a minimum.

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Weight Loss Hypnosis

Hypnosis in an effective and lasting solution for weight loss. During our sessions we create a behavioral solution that deals with mind and body. Do you want to lose weight the hypnotic way?Learn More



We help smokers step into a new chapter of life breathing fresh air, health and saving a ton of money. If you are ready to quit, we have your solution.Learn More



By learning hypnosis, you are learning an effective strategy for putting stress behind you and moving forward in life with a calm, confident set of solutions.