Hypnosis Training, Coaching and Consulting


Perceptioneering Seminars
Overcome obstacles to success in both your work and personal life. Create work-life-balance. Learn advanced skills usually only available and taught to upper level professionals.

Call for details and Specials: (219) 213-6070

Become a Hypnotist
Develop a career in hypnosis! A limited number of students are accepted for each class. One-on-one and group classes are offered. Find out if you can be accepted into The Master Hypnotist Society training program. (219)213-6070

Personal Coaching Mentorship
What is holding your back? You probably don’t even know what is blocking you from succeeding.

THERE ARE NO OPINIONS, JUST FEEDBACK.. Not everyone takes feedback as useful information instead of criticism.

Take the F E A R out of your life. If you want wise, experience-based coaching, call us now to determine if a mentorship is right for you. (219) 213-6070

Sales Training
Gain the ability to deeply understand your clients. You can figure out how to help them better understand the solutions that you offer. Through Neurolinguistic Programming, (NLP), an ethical influence to use in your personal and professional life, you can turn your life around. To determine if you can be accepted as a student, we require the highest level of integrity and ethics. Call for a consultation. (219) 213-6070

Corporate Speaking and Training
Are you tired of the same old corporate training sessions and speakers? You might want to try the best Hypnosis training and entertainment in northwest Indiana.

We offer a unique approach to training including Comedy, Hypnosis and  even a live and interactive hypnosis Stage Show. We will help teach your employees interpersonal ,professional and business development goals in a fun and entertaining environment.

Call now to determine if this is right for your company. (219) 213-6070